We want to publish the critical edition of all the music contained in the CD’s. This will be a significant complement to the entire work, providing an extra insight to it and a deeper knowledge of this repertoire.

Each piece will be transcribed into modern edition, making the performance possible for every musician by correcting mistakes, including missing information, or translating the old notation into modern conventions. Each score will be accompanied with notes about the piece: historical context, sources, and edition procedures.

These editions will help to include this new and relevant repertoire into the performance scene and to make this project an actual recovery process of an important part of the European musical heritage of the eighteenth century.

All editions will include: score, parts, complete preface, critical report, facsimile reproduction, and other dedicated chapters.

1717. Memories of a Journey to Italy

  • Antonio Lucio Vivaldi. Suonata à Solo fatto per  Maestro Pisendel Del Vivaldi (Sonata in G Major, RV 25)
  • Tomaso Albinoni. Sonata a Violino solo di me Tomaso Albinoni Composta p il Sig: Pisendel (Sonata in Bb Major, TalAl So32)
  • Giuseppe Maria Fanfani. Solo Violino e Basso (Sonata in D Major)
  • Antonio Montanari. Sonata del Sig.r Ant. Montanari (Sonata in E Minor Mus.2767-R-2)
  • Giuseppe Valentini. La Montanari. Sonata per Camera a Violino solo, Dedicato al merito impareggiabile del Sig:re Antonio Montanari insigne Sonatore di Violino, Da un suo divoto servo ammiratore della sua virtù. (Sonata in A Major Mus.2387-R-5)
  • Johann Georg Pisendel/Antonio Montanari. Solo Violino e Basso (Sonata in E Major Mus.2421-R-18)

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