The Mysterious case of La Montanari

La Montanari. Sonata per Camera a Violino solo, Dedicato al merito impareggiabile del Sig:re Antonio Montanari insigne Sonatore di Violino, Da un suo divoto servo ammiratore della sua virtù.” 

[La Montanari. Chamber Sonata for Solo Violin, dedicated to the incomparable merit of Signor Antonio Montanari, distinguished player of the violin, by a devoted servant who admires his skill]

Giuseppe Valentini dedicated this careful handwritten autograph and this beautiful sonata to his friend and colleague Antonio Montanari. It is undoubtedly a precious and personal gift from Valentini to Montanari, who would certainly receive with joy such a tremendous and valuable tribute. How is it possible that this sonata ended up in the hands of a very young Pisendel soon to be composed? In addition, the score that Pisendel took to Dresden was not a copy, as many others, if not the autograph manuscript that Valentini dedicated to Montanari.

We post a bit of this special work and it is part of the program for our next CD.

Follow us and we will unveil the mysteries and stories that lie behind 1717. Memories of a Journey to Italy

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