Antonio Lucio Vivaldi

Trio sonata for violin, violoncello and continuo in G major RV 820

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The Trio Sonata in G major was independently identified as an early Vivaldian work in 2014 by the Italian scholar, recorder player, and ensemble director Mr. Federico Maria Sardelli and by the Spanish scholar, violin player and ensemble director Mr. Javier Lupiáñez. The piece was recently cataloged as RV 820 in the Vivaldi Catalog and is the earliest known work by Vivaldi.

The Trio Sonata presents a different Vivaldi to the one we are used to. It shows the young Vivaldi: On the one hand, clearly influenced by the masters of the end of 17th century such Corelli, Bonporti or Torelli, and on the other hand it is easy to perceive that some new and original Vivaldian ideas start to blossom in this early work.

The discovery and attribution of this Sonata is very important to understand the roots of Vivaldi’s style and the change of musical taste that happened at the beginning of the 18th century.

Score (8 pages) in a friendly performance edition, study-preface (3 pages), parts (violin, violoncello and basso), and reconstruction of missing parts by Javier Lupiáñez


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